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Answers to your questions about the GMAT exam with Integrated Reasoning.

Q: Why is the Integrated Reasoning section being added?
A: Since 1953, the GMAT exam has been developed specifically for business schools, by business schools, and it has evolved along with their needs. In a 2009 survey, 740 management school faculty indicated that Integrated Reasoning skills are a prerequisite for 21st century management students as they prepare to work in technologically advanced, data-driven environments.

Q: When can test takers expect to receive their test scores?
A: Unofficial score reports, containing the Integrated Reasoning, Total score and Verbal and Quantitative section scores, will be provided immediately after the test to those who accept their scores.

Official Score Reports will be available generally 20 days after the test date. Although GMAC has published a 20-day score report turnaround for many years, test takers and programs have become accustomed to a much quicker reporting time. With the launch of the Next Generation GMAT exam, GMAC will look to publish Official Score Reports as quickly as possible, but it may take the full 20 days before Official Score Reports are available to ensure that all Integrated Reasoning scores are equivalent.

You may want to encourage candidates to test well in advance of your program deadlines.

Q: Why is the Analytical Writing Assessment being streamlined?
A: Admissions directors have said, and recent research has shown, that most test takers get similar scores on both essays, making a single essay acceptable for predicting performance.

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