Analysis of GMAT® Scores & Management Reports

Accepting GMAT scores gives you access to the most advanced assessment, and much more.

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GMAT® Score Reports let you see more about test takers and more about trends from prior years.

Applicants come from different countries, cultures, academic backgrounds, and levels of work experience. Using the GMAT exam provides you with a consistent, objective measure of skills above all these application variables. And, with secure, online score reporting, it’s also convenient for you to get the information when you need it and from any location.

Spotting Patterns and Trends

Whether you choose online or paper reports, you’ll receive the Quarterly Roster, Summary Statistics and Frequency Ranking reports, which provide in-depth information about the candidates who send their scores to you and testing trends.

Identifying Candidate Rosters

This is a Quarterly Roster of candidates who sent their scores to your program. It includes their scores and can help you track score-sending patterns.

Comparing Statistics

Our semi-annual Summary Statistics reports let you compare your candidate pool with the entire testing pool. July’s report shows data from January through June; December’s double report shows data from July through December, and for the entire calendar year.

Ranking Frequency

Our annual Frequency Ranking Report lists the top 15 programs (based on volume) that received scores from candidates who sent scores to you. It shows where your program overlaps with competitors, and the number of scores sent to you only.

Accurately Predicting Success

For over 40 years, we at GMAC have conducted many studies to analyze students’ GMAT scores, their undergraduate grade point averages, and their average grades for the first year of graduate school. The goal is to validate the GMAT exam’s accuracy in predicting student success in graduate business programs. Studies have shown that GMAT scores are typically better than undergraduate GPAs for predicting grades in the first-year of graduate management school. However, the best predictor is combining GMAT scores and the undergraduate GPA to predict success.

To help you with this important assessment, We offer our Validity Study Service (VSS), a complimentary service to all schools that receive the GMAT exam. This service helps you pinpoint the relationship between GMAT scores and performance in your school’s program by analyzing your admission criteria. We can tell you in an objective way how valid the GMAT exam is for your program.

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