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You know that accepting the GMAT exam will help you better assess the quality of candidates who are interested in your program. Now it's time to take the next step and become a score recipient.

The following qualifying entities can apply to receive GMAT scores:

Institutions: Degree-granting institutions that offer graduate-level programs. You must agree to use the GMAT exam as an admission criterion and you must agree to the Terms of Use. Begin the process by downloading the institution application today.


Organizations: Approved scholarship, fellowship, and other aid-granting organizations. You must agree to use the GMAT exam as an admission or selection criterion, and you must agree to the Terms of Use. Begin the process by downloading the organization application today.


Learn How You Can Benefit from Being a Score Recipient

Our proven programs and services—available exclusively to score recipients—are designed to help you achieve your enrollment goals. Once you’re approved as a score-report recipient, you can advertise your GMAT exam status in your admissions materials, on your website, and through direct contact with select prospects. Your school will be added to the database test takers use to select their score recipients; and when a test taker chooses your program, their scores will be automatically sent to your program.


Michelle Martens"Accepting GMAT scores means that we have a way to evaluate our applicants that is accurate and helps us to decide who to admit to the program."

Michele Martens

Manager, Graduate Programs
Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Lally School of Management & Technology

Other important services you can take advantage of include:

  • Purchase prospect names and contact information with the Graduate Management Admission Search Service® (GMASS®) database.
  • Allow qualified candidates to find your school by listing your program in ®MBA Pathfinder Data Warehouse, our free, searchable online database.
  • Make timely market-driven admissions decisions with access to customized reports and research services.
  • Advertise your recruiting events on, our full-featured website accessed by millions of prospects from around the world each year.

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