Question Formats

The Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT® exam consists of 12 questions.

There are four question types to measure test takers' ability to analyze and synthesize data in different formats and from multiple sources: 

  • Almost all question formats require multiple responses. Questions are designed to measure how well test takers integrate data to solve complex problems, so they must answer all parts of a single question correctly to receive credit.
  • All answer choices for a single question are presented on the same screen. Test takers may not go back to a previous screen to change their answers to previous questions.
  • Data presented in text are approximately 300 words or fewer.
  • Answer options don’t provide information or clues that will help you solve other questions.
  • One set of data is used for several Multi-Source Reasoning questions, but the questions are independent of one another—test takers won’t have to answer one question correctly to be able to answer another.

Question Examples

For interactive samples of the Integrated Reasoning question formats, click on each of the graphic images displayed in the tabs below.

Table Analysis

Graphics Interpretation

Multi-Source Reasoning

Two-Part Analysis