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Find out what's changing and what these changes mean for your prospective students.

Learn more about the Integrated Reasoning section and the four questions types from GMAC, your peers, and pilot test takers from around the world.  

The Integrated Reasoning Section tests an emerging set of skills identified by schools around the ability to interpret and use data to answer questions.

Watch this set of videos to learn about the different sections of the Integrated Reasoning section and hear from both Corporate Recruiters and Admissions Professionals on why Integrated Reasoning skills are integral to an MBA Candidate's business school experience and beyond.

GMAT with Integrated Reasoning Video

About Integrated Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning Video Multi-Source Reasoning

"There's no denying we live in a data-rich world, analyzing large amount of data will become a key basis for competition by improving productivity and generating consumer value."

Ashok Sarathy
Vice President, Product Management

"Multi-Source Reasoning questions will reflect challenges students can expect to see in the classroom and on the job."

Ashok Sarathy
Vice President, Product Management

"The Graphics Interpretation questions test a students ability to understand, analyze and act on visual information."

Ashok Sarathy
Vice President, Product Management

Table Analysis Two-Part

"An individual's ability to handle Table Analysis questions will give you a clear sense of how well that potential student can use multiple sources of infomration to spot patterns and draw conclusions. "

Ashok Sarathy
Vice President, Product Management

"Two-Part Analysis questions measure how well people separate relevant information from other data. This type of question challenges individuals to think clearly when faced with a complex set of information. "

Ashok Sarathy
Vice President, Product Management

Hear from Corporate Recruiters and Admissions Professionals

Ernst & Young Recruiter Speaks about Integrated Reasoning Intel Testimonial Testimonial Liberty Mutual

"One of the skill sets that really is important to us is strong data analytics skills."

Kristina Liphardt
Campus Recruiting Leader
Ernst & Young

"Being able to digest volumes of information and make recommendations on what you see is critical to Intels success."

Melissa Evers-Hood
Finance Controller
Intel Corporation

"Information management skills are critical to our business"

Ann Nowak
Director of Recruiting, Professional Programs
Liberty Mutual

Fan Yang, IESE Business School Stephanie Fuji Testimonial, David Bergheim

"Integrated Reasoning skills are important to recruiters."

Fan Yang
Associate Director

"Our students must be able to take in data from multiple sources in multiple formats to identify what is the relevant data to solve business challenges."

Stephanie Fuji
Assistant Dean, Full-Time MBA Program & Admissons
University of California, Berkeley

"Integrated reasoning is a very important skill set for schools to measure, it helps determine how a student will perform in the classroom."

David Begheim
Director of Marketing
University of San Diego

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