GMASS® Search Service

Frequently Asked Questions about the Graduate Management Admission Search Service® (GMASS®) Database.

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Graduate Management Admission Council®
PO Box 2969
Reston, VA 20195
United States
Office: +1-703-668-9600
Fax: +1-703-668-9601
Customer Service: +1-866-505-6559 (Toll-free in the US & Canada only)
Customer Service: +1-703-668-9605

GMAC London Office*
PO Box 70184
London, WC1A 9HZ
United Kingdom
Office: +44 (0) 20 3008 7933
Fax: +44 (0) 20 3008 7929
*Graduate Management Global Connection™ (UK) Ltd.

GMAC Hong Kong Office*
PO Box No. 33752,
Sheung Wan Post Office,
Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2851 0020
Fax: +852 2851 0027
*Graduate Management Admission Council (Hong Kong) Ltd.

GMAC India Office*
Gurgaon, India
Phone: 91 120 4397830 
*Graduate Management Admission Council (India) Private Ltd.

If the answer to your question does not appear here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How can I get more help?

You will receive regular email updates about your subscription, but if you have questions right now, please contact the GMASS operations team at or call us at +1 (703) 668-9606.

How can I pay for my GMASS® names?

Your GMASS name purchases can be made by credit card, purchase order, or wire transfer.

Check payment details:
Graduate Management Admission Council PO Box 34825 Alexandria, VA 22334-0825 USA Federal
Employer ID: 23-7084339 Attn: Accounts Receivable

Wire transfer* payment details:
Bank of America 730 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20005 Account number: 0000 1165 0494 Routing number: 026009593 Swift code: BOFAUS3N
*Please add US$15 fee for each wire transfer.

How far back can I search for GMASS® names?

With the GMASS® service, you can search the most recent 18 months of prospect information. Your search can include prospective students who have taken the GMAT® exam, plan to take the exam, or haven't taken the exam but have created an profile within that time period.

How much do GMASS® names cost?

GMASS names cost $0.75 per name.

Why does the same name always appear in each search I download?

At the end of every search you download, we insert a seed name to ensure compliance with the GMASS Terms of Use. This seed name is for your protection as it enables GMAC to monitor your communications to GMASS contacts, preventing CAN SPAM and privacy violations. There is no cost to you for the seed name and it should not be removed from your downloaded searches.

Will my current payment information be saved in the GMASS® system?

If you have open purchase orders, they will not expire as you enter the new subscription year. Otherwise, you will need to submit a new purchase order to obtain a new GMASS subscription.

For your security, we do not store credit card information in our database, but you may create a payment profile that will recall this information from our secure processing vendors. When you submit a credit card number in the GMASS Workspace, your payment profile is created automatically. You may choose to store the payment profile for future use. If you choose not to store the payment profile, you may use it for 60 days, after which it will be deleted.