The best way to prepare? Familiarize yourself with question formats and practice.

The Executive Assessment was specifically designed to evaluate the skills you have already acquired during your career. Extensive preparation is not necessary, but we do strongly suggest that you you familiarize yourself with question formats.

The following preparation options are currently available for those who desire more in-depth practice.

IR Prep
Our Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool features a set of 48 additional questions and answer explanations, unlimited practice sessions, customizable question sets, and tools to practice pacing. Include this prep tool in your study plan for your Executive Assessment.

Click here to learn more and purchase the IR Prep Tool.

Available here is a small selection of practice questions available for free. The practice questions presented here are representative only, and not a comprehensive view of the content areas that could be tested in the exam. Please bear in mind that all three sections of the Executive Assessment (Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning) count equally towards your Total score.

Integrated Reasoning Sample Questions | 19 sample questions

Verbal Reasoning Sample Questions | 15 sample questions

Quantitative Reasoning Sample Questions | 15 sample questions